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Dreamwork and Workshops with Kezia Kamenetz

Past Events and Workshops

All of the workshops below can be modified or replicated for your community! Just contact Kezia at [email protected] to find out how you can have these workshops brought to you.

Rules of the Dreamworld

This introductory dream workshop is a great way to introduce dreamwork to a new audience. The workshop walks through three preliminary "laws of dreams" to help individuals begin their dream journey. Includes information about remembering dreams, recording dreams, and working with dreams on your own. Experiential exercises ensure a participatory and engaging workshop. Perfect for yoga centers and healing spaces. Approx. 1.5 hours long. To schedule, contact [email protected] 

Healer School: Awakening Diving Connection 

In this collaboration with Reiki master and healer Kim Wayman, we take individuals through the process of connecting to their version of a personal relationship with divine support. Covers topics such as faith, doubt, prayer, and ritual in a non-religious, non-dogmatic atmosphere. Focused on experiential learning and exploration. 

In Search of the Living Dream

This dynamic community-wide event provided a multitude of perspectives on dreams and included acclaimed dream teachers Bill St. Cyr, Sue Scavo, Rodger Kamenetz, and Jeff Teachworth. Participants received free one-on-one dream consultations as well as used dreams to inspire creative writing, poetry, and art. 

Healing Through Feeling

This 6 week course brings individuals through the range of human emotion in a heart-centered, experiential way. Based on the idea that through embracing our emotional state, we can achieve greater enjoyment out of our life. Chock full of ideas and exercises exploring your emotional life and covers topics like shame, judgment, anxiety, desire, and love. 

Summer of Self-Love

This 3-workshop series combined theater of the oppressed techniques with meditations and exploratory exercises to develop and encourage self-love. Addressed defining love, self-love for relationships, and loving your power. 

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