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Dreamwork and Workshops with Kezia Kamenetz

What if I don't have dreams? 

Everyone has dreams, but not everyone remembers them. There are a lot of strategies to keep better track of your dreams like keeping a notebook near your bed or recording messages on your phone in the night. The best place to start is to just hold the intention before you go to sleep---"I want to remember my dream tonight". If you try that a few nights in a row, I bet you'll remember something!

Do you make a distinction between dreams that have meaning and dreams that don't? 

Many people assume that dreams about recent events or everyday activities don't have any meaning, or that only certain dreams are significant. While I can't deny that some dreams carry more weight in the long run than others, every single dream has an intention for the dreamer once we learn to see it from the perspective of the unconscious. Even if all you can remember is a small snippet of a dream, the feeling of that dream is what's important. If you are having the same dream about a certain situation over and over, there is probably something in that experience that you are overlooking. The motivations of our conscious selves and the motivations of our deeper selves are not always, or not even usually, aligned. Often, the dreams we think are the most meaningless are actually showing us things that we desperately need to see. 

How long does the Dreamwork take to "work"?

There is no set amount of time that it takes to start noticing changes in yourself and your experience after starting Dreamwork, and there is also no set end point. The intention is to instill a practice of awareness and vulnerability that will allow you to feel your deepest feelings underneath your everyday patterns and reactions, and feel them in relationship to others. Over time, initial motivations for beginning the work can shift into other intentions. The pace is different for everyone and entirely up to you.

How is this different from other ways of interpreting dreams?

Most dream interpretations are based on a specific symbolic language of dreams, i.e. snakes represent danger or mountains represent an obstacle in your life. In this work, we encourage dreamers to begin to understand what the symbolic language of their dreams means to them. We don't have any set in stone notions about what certain situations or objects mean in dreams, although there are certain patterns that have been recognized over time. But, as my teacher Marc Bregman likes to say, no patterns are 100% for anyone. 

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