Healing Through Dreaming

Dreamwork and Workshops with Kezia Kamenetz

Your Dreams Are Trying to Wake You Up...

Have you ever had the feeling your dreams were trying to tell you something?

I’m here to tell you: they are. 

You don't have to be a master lucid dreamer or even remember your dreams that well to benefit and heal from the wisdom dreams offer each and every one of us. You just need to learn how to speak their language.

It's my personal mission to make the power of dreams accessible to as many people as possible. 

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Laws of the Dream Realm is an introductory e-book to my unique approach to understanding dreams. It is jam-packed with tips, tricks, and exercises to begin your individual dream journey. From basics like how to remember dreams to more complex issues like projections and spiritual connection, this book has everything you need to get started! Simply sign up to receive your copy.  

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Latest News

  1st Annual New Orleans Dream Convergence 

November 4th - 8th , 2015
New Orleans, LA

This one will be one for the history books! 
Four unique events for dreamers of all levels and interests. Pick and choose what's best for you or attend everything!

Practitioner's Retreat
Wed Nov. 4th 10am - 4pm
For individuals who work with dreamwork clients in a 1 on 1 setting or those who would like to. A day long pow-wow including best practices, networking tips, and more. 

Dreamwork Retreat for Experienced Dreamers
Thursday Nov 5th 10 am -Saturday Nov 7th 6pm
Led by Sue Scavo, Bill St. Cyr, and Rodger Kamenetz, an in-depth look at your dream journey through the group string process. 

Dreamwork as a Practice
Friday Nov 6th 7pm - Saturday November 7th 6pm 
Led by Kezia Kamenetz
This in-depth introduction to Dreamwork offers curious dreamers a path to build a relationship with their dreams and will provide hands-on tools to begin a dream journey. 

Dream Caravan 
Sunday November 8th
A day-long celebration and exploration of dreams and their intersections with a variety of modalities including art, culture, and other healing practices. 

Private Dreamwork

Are you ready to experience the full healing potential of your dream?

I offer private Archetypal Dreamwork therapy. New Orleans, LA residents can visit in person or non-locals can set up sessions over skype or telephone. 

Dreamwork sessions are a great way to get fresh perspective on tired patterns, jump-start a failing relationship, or simply get a peek under the hood of your psyche.

With commitment to the Archetypal Dreamwork process, your dreams will take you through a dynamic and passionate spiritual journey back to the essence of your soul.

I firmly believe this kind of healing should be available to anyone, regardless of their economic situation. I offer sessions at an affordable sliding scale and am happy to make arrangements with anyone who has the desire to heal.

Click here to learn more about my services  or click here to schedule an appointment. 

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