Healing Through Feeling 

Archetypal Dreamwork with Kezia Kamenetz

I offer a one-on-one therapeutic technique called Archetypal Dreamwork. Together, we will use your dreams to understand the deepest, most honest parts of yourself. Through identifying negative patterns, we can begin to learn what lies underneath and expand our capacity to feel deeply, leading to a deeper, more visceral, increasingly fulfilled experience of our lives.  This unique method of dream exploration was developed over 40 years ago by master teacher Marc Bregman, based on his understanding of the teachings of Carl Jung. The dreams reveal, hilariously and lovingly, the blocks that prevent you from fully manifesting your true self.  Dream experiences create a container for you to feel supported and loved as you face into the darkest aspects of your psyche. With courage and commitment, everyone has the opportunity to feel the support needed to make a different choice in life. The work does not require adherence to any dogma, belief system, or faith, nor does it conflict with any established system. Instead it invites you  to discover for yourself what it means to be spiritually connected. Every night, your dreams offer you the opportunity to connect to the deepest part of yourself. Are you willing to take the first step? Email me today to redeem your free introductory appointment!

"Healing through Dreaming" with Rodger Kamenetz and Kezia Kamenetz


Wednesday, April 23rd 6:00pm

523 Gravier St. New Orleans, LA

Dreams display the depth of our feelings in all their complexity and color, more precisely than words. By using dreams we can better understand what's keeping us from who we are meant to be. Bring your dreams and we'll bring ours.

Rodger Kamenetz is the author of The History of Last Night's Dream, which was featured on Oprah Winfrey's Soul Series-- and ten other books of prose and poetry.

Kezia Kamenetz teaches the popular local Healing Through Feeling program and has been doing one on one dreamwork since 2009.

Event will be begin at 6pm with Q&A following the presentation.

I felt I needed to gain more control over my emotional state, be more rational, have more perspective. Those were the kinds of things I was looking for when I first called my therapist, Marc Bregman, who invented a unique method of Archetypal Dreamwork.

Instead of learning how to manage my feelings, though, Marc taught me something totally different: how to feel them at all.

Normally, it is taken for granted that we feel our feelings and know how we feel. We even believe we know how others are feeling. And yet, we can accept that how we actually feel in any given moment is often extremely complex, confusing, and difficult to communicate.

In fact, I would contend that we are usually in an avoidance reaction to our feelings, rather than truly feeling them.

Why? Namely because feeling our feelings means allowing states of experience that are truly difficult: pain, fear, despair, or vulnerability. So we cling to our assumptions about our feelings and often confuse these ideas with how we truly feel.

We can spend our whole life cycling on this level of feeling, never letting ourselves be conscious of what is driving our emotional states underneath.

Yet, just as matter cannot be created or destroyed, the energy carried by these deeper feeling states do not leave our psyche simply because we want to deny they are there....Click here to read on!

Healing Through Feeling: Six Steps to Reclaim Your Heart