Healing Through Feeling 

Dreamwork and Workshops with Kezia Kamenetz

Have you ever had a dream that you just know means something, but you aren't sure what? I offer private dreamwork sessions to begin to unlock that mystery. I believe each dream contains the possibility of healing and support if we can only learn to treasure it appropriately. During a session, we will walk through your dream together to discover the possibilities it holds for you. Dreams are quite powerful at illuminating shadow as well as providing a visceral experience of divine love. A dream session can be used to work through damaged relationships with others, emotional reactions that seem out of control, as well as assist those who feel numb or blocked from feeling. Dream experiences create a container for you to feel supported and loved as you face into difficult aspects of your psyche. With courage and commitment, everyone has the opportunity to feel the support needed to make a different choice in life. I offer an affordable sliding scale and strive to make my practice available to anyone with a desire to heal. Click here to learn more about my one-on-one or click here to schedule an appointment. 


The Summer of Self-Love

A 3-part workshop series 

Come to all 3 or pick and choose the 

ones that call to you most...

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3 Rules of the Dreamworld

@ Maha Rose in 

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC

Thursday, July 3rd 

7-9pm  $20

Join dreamworker Kezia Kamenetz as we explore three 'rules' of understanding your dreams and how they also can be applied to your waking life! Over years of studying dreams, Kezia has boiled down some preliminary guidelines to understanding our nightly missives from the underworld:
1. Everything is for you
2. You are supported and
3. There are no rules.

Through discussion and creative expression exercises, we'll explore together how these rules can help you to understand the meaning of your dreams and begin your dream journey. We'll dive into how dreams can illuminate your shadow and ultimately invite you into a more visceral, present, and manifested experience of your daily life. Participants are invited to bring their own dreams along to the workshop, although this won't be necessary.