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What does my dream mean?

Healing Through Dreaming

Dreamwork and Workshops with Kezia Kamenetz

Learn how to unlock the healing potential of your personal dream realm...

Have you ever had the feeling your dreams were trying to tell you something?

I’m here to tell you: they are. 

You don't have to be a master lucid dreamer or even remember your dreams that clearly to benefit from the tremendous healing your dreams are providing you each and every night. 

It's my personal mission to make the amazing power of dreams accessible to as many people as possible. 

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Private Dreamwork

Events & Workshops

Entering the Dreamworld 

Are you ready to experience the full healing potential of your dream?

I offer private Archetypal Dreamwork therapy. New Orleans, LA residents can visit in person or non-locals can set up sessions over skype or telephone. 

Dreamwork sessions are a great way to get fresh perspective on tired patterns, jump-start a failing relationship, or simply get a peek under the hood of your psyche.

With commitment to the Archetypal Dreamwork process, your dreams will take you through a dynamic and passionate spiritual journey back to the essence of your soul.

I firmly believe this kind of healing should be available to anyone, regardless of their economic situation. I offer sessions at an affordable sliding scale and am happy to make arrangements with anyone who has the desire to heal.

Click here to learn more about my services  or click here to schedule an appointment. 

Entering the Dreamworld will be starting up again on Tuesday, March 10th and continue on Tuesday evenings until March 31st.  Drawing on the works of Carl Jung, James Hillman, Marion Woodman, Toko-pa, as well as a five year training with the founders of Archetypal Dreamwork, this class will provide a dynamic introduction into the world of your dreams. We will discuss different theories about dreams as well as practical tips in using them. Focus will be placed on the ways dreams can help us develop presence, generate healing, strengthen relationships, and jumpstart creativity. We'll consider questions like, where do dreams come from? How can they be used in community? Why do we dream?

Each class will combine short lectures with partner and group exercises, creative expression techniques, and plenty of opportunities for participation. The cost is $60 if you register before February 24th, and $70 after that. Click here for more!

  Mastering the Subtle Body

Do you ever feel driven by forces and energies that appear out of your control? Are you overwhelmed by your emotions or stuck in uncomfortable, looping thoughts? Are you looking for useful tools to gain awareness about your inner life and empower yourself to make a change? If so, this class is for you. Click here to learn more..

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