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Dreamwork and Workshops with Kezia Kamenetz

Hello! And welcome. 

Have you ever had the feeling your dreams were trying to tell you something?

I’m here to tell you: they are.

Instead of letting your emotions control you,dreams can teach you to experience your feelings with grace and presence.

Dreams can help you stop going through the motions of your life, 

and develop a more visceral and embodied experience of your world.

And when you are stuck in looping, anxious thoughts;

dreams will help you identify the root of your negative cycles and find your way out of them.

Join me and learn to speak the language of your psyche.

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Interview with master dream teachers Bill St. Cyr and Sue Scavo

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Private Dreamwork

Events & Workshops

Are you ready to experience the full healing potential of your dream?

I offer private Archetypal Dreamwork therapy. New Orleans, LA residents can visit in person or non-locals can set up sessions over skype or telephone. 

Dreamwork sessions are a great way to get fresh perspective on tired patterns, jump-start a failing relationship, or simply get a peek under the hood of your psyche.

With commitment to the Archetypal Dreamwork process, your dreams will take you through a dynamic and passionate spiritual journey back to the essence of your soul.

I firmly believe this kind of healing should be available to anyone, regardless of their economic situation. I offer sessions at an affordable sliding scale and am happy to make arrangements with anyone who has the desire to heal.

Click here to learn more about my services  or click here to schedule an appointment. 

  Dreaming for Freedom 

Join Kezia with some of the most experienced Archetypal Dreamwork teachers and facilitators in the country, Bill St. Cyr and Sue Scavo for a laid back daytime presentation at The Center, San Francisco, CA, Monday, January 19th from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. The cost will be $15.

This presentation will serve as an introduction to the path of Archetypal Dreamwork, offering a innovative way to understanding your dreams and utilizing them for deep and transformative  work. Conscious of presenting on MLK day, we will do our best to honor his memory and deep faith by conceptualizing the work through the lens of freedom. We'll put special focus on recognizing and liberating the soul's desires by careful and tender attention to dreams. 

Looking forward to seeing Bay Area Folks there and please do pass along to anyone you may know in the area. 

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