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Living Your Dream: Manifesting Your Inner Calling 

for Dreamwork practitioners and teachers

If you have a desire to take dreamwork clients, expand an existing practice, or bring this work out into the world in some way and need a little inspirational juice and some practical steps, come join Kezia Kamenetz and Laura Smith for a dynamic 2 hour teleseminar called Living Your Dream: Manifesting an inner calling through your presence in the world, Saturday, December 13th, 2014 12:00 – 2 p.m. EDT. Click the button below to learn more and register. 

Have you ever had a dream that you just know means something, but you aren't sure what? I offer private dreamwork sessions to begin to unlock that mystery. I believe each dream contains the possibility of healing and support if we can only learn to treasure it appropriately. During a session, we will walk through your dream together to discover the possibilities it holds for you. Dreams are quite powerful at illuminating shadow as well as providing a visceral experience of divine love. A dream session can be used to work through damaged relationships with others, emotional reactions that seem out of control, as well as assist those who feel numb or blocked from feeling. Dream experiences create a container for you to feel supported and loved as you face into difficult aspects of your psyche. With courage and commitment, everyone has the opportunity to feel the support needed to make a different choice in life. I offer an affordable sliding scale and strive to make my practice available to anyone with a desire to heal. Click here to learn more about my one-on-one or click here to schedule an appointment.