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Dreamwork and Workshops with Kezia Kamenetz

Upcoming Events & Workshops

In Search of the Living Dream is an all-day dream symposium focusing on how to harness our dreams to cultivate healing, creativity, and community. The low-cost community focused event will provide direct, practical information and tools on how to use your dreams to heal yourself as well as your relationships. Later in the afternoon, the talented and dynamic writers Rodger Kamenetz and Moira Crone will lead participants in writing workshops aimed at digging into deep wells of creativity housed in dreams. Then, Rodger Kamenetz will lead a discussion on the topic, Where do Dreams Come From? We'll end the evening with a dream poetry throwdown featuring New Orleans poets Bill Lavender, Laura Mullen, The Poetry Brothel, and more. 

Join a dynamic group of dreamwork practitioners working with over 100 dreamers from around North America in a unique method of

Archetypal Dreamwork pioneered in Vermont over the last decade. Rodger Kamenetz, Sue Scavo, Bill St. Cyr, and Kezia Kamenetz have traveled and taught about dreams around the country and the world -- to places like Johannesburg, South Africa, Esalen, Kripalu, and Sivananda Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas. This dynamic event will bring you dream teachings in unique and participatory ways. 

Session 3 of Healer School : Awakening Divine Connection is here! 

Join Reiki master Kim Wayman and dreamworker Kezia Kamenetz as they lead another dynamic session delving deep into the healing journey and how to cultivate divine connection and spiritual support. Through meditations, creative exercises, and teachings on ritual and prayer, individuals will have the opportunity to discover for themselves what divine connection means to them. 

This session will be taught over two four hour workshops on Saturday November 8th and November 15th, 10 am - 2 pm. Participants will also have a closing ceremony, date and time to be determined once the class convenes. The course also includes a private, one on one session with either Kim, Kezia, or both to delve into your personal healing. Sessions will take place at Haus House, 3219 Annunciation St. 

Cost for the entire course is $100. Three scholarship spaces will be made available upon request. Trades and barters will also be considered. For more information or to have any questions answered, contact Kezia at 917 673 5807 or email HausHouseHealing@gmail.com. You can also register by clicking the button below.

Have you ever had a dream that you just know means something, but you aren't sure what? I offer private dreamwork sessions to begin to unlock that mystery. I believe each dream contains the possibility of healing and support if we can only learn to treasure it appropriately. During a session, we will walk through your dream together to discover the possibilities it holds for you. Dreams are quite powerful at illuminating shadow as well as providing a visceral experience of divine love. A dream session can be used to work through damaged relationships with others, emotional reactions that seem out of control, as well as assist those who feel numb or blocked from feeling. Dream experiences create a container for you to feel supported and loved as you face into difficult aspects of your psyche. With courage and commitment, everyone has the opportunity to feel the support needed to make a different choice in life. I offer an affordable sliding scale and strive to make my practice available to anyone with a desire to heal. Click here to learn more about my one-on-one or click here to schedule an appointment.